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About Us

Smart Canvas Solutions is an innovative web /mobile design and development company based in Salt Lake City UT. However, we also provide our services all over the United States, Guatemala, and other countries around the world.

A bit more about us

We believe that in order to survive in the current market, every company needs at least one digital solution such as a website, mobile application, etc. Therefore, our philosophy is to provide cutting-edge yet affordable web and mobile solutions to small and large businesses.

We also believe in pursuing excellence in all we do. Keeping our base of knowledge up-to-date with the most recent technologies and features is vital for us. We also leverage high quality standards and the best practices in every project. Our efforts are always based on our customer’s satisfaction. Our commitment is to always provide you with an amazing service that goes beyond your expectations.

We would love to work with you! It doesn’t matter how simple or complex your idea is, or the size of your business, or if you’re looking to start from scratch or to renew your current image; we surely have the right solution for you!

How do we do things?

Don’t worry. We have a simple yet effective process to make things quick and amazing.

Your Ideas

Everything starts with an idea, and all ideas are worth our consideration. We’d love to carefully listen to your ideas, needs and expectations and, if possible, reinforce them with our expertise and knowledge.

Requirements and Specs Gathering

After understanding the big picture, we make sure we gather your initial requirements and specs. We also help you brainstorm ways to accomplish your objectives in the most effective way.

Initial Estimate and Scope of Work

Once we understand what your needs and requirements are, we will provide you an initial estimate of the cost and timeline of your project. We will also outline the scope of our work to make sure that we meet what you requested.


In this step we will focus in developing your solution. We work at a very fast pace in order to provide results as soon as possible. At the same time we make sure we comply with your requirements and with the highest security and quality standards. We make sure we always keep you posted about the status of your project.

Prototype and Testing

Upon development completion, we will provide you with a prototype so you can test your solution. Your satisfaction is important to us and we want to ensure that you love what we’ve come up with.

Moving to Production

Once we know you are satisfied with what we have done, we proceed to move your solution to production. We make sure this process is as smooth as possible, and we are always there to assist you.

Future Maintenance

We won’t forget about you even if we have finished our job.  We can negotiate and agree on future maintenance or upgrading plans for your solution. We will be there every time you need us.

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